Engineering project experts for different Sectors

Discover our specialised services in water, industrial, civil and special structures engineering.

At INGEOBRAS, we specialise in the complete management of a wide range of projects, providing excellent services adapted to the specific needs of each sector. Our commitment is to offer quality solutions that are tailored to the particularities of each project, guaranteeing optimal results at every stage of the process.

Water engineering

We apply our expertise in the development of integrated solutions in the field of hydraulic engineering.

Some of our highlighted services:

Industrial Engineering

We offer effective solutions to achieve our clients’ goals. Our primary mission is to add value to your project and position you as a leader in its industry.

We oversee customised projects that ensure quality, on-time delivery and satisfaction, backed by a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in industrial installations and technology projects.

Some of our highlighted services:

Civil engineering

We undertake comprehensive project management for public, private and commercial properties.

We assist in project coordination and cost control, offering cost-effective and practical solutions at every stage. From the start of initial discussions to the final implementation of the constructed building, we provide continuous and effective monitoring.

Some of our highlighted services:

Special structures

Thanks to our experience, we are able to develop projects from conceptual design through structural analysis to detailed design.

Some of our highlighted services: