Hi2BIO: Biological hydrogen from industrial wastewater


Valorisation of industrial wastewater for the generation of biological hydrogen by means of a two-stage process


Hi2BIO is a continuation of the results achieved in a preliminary project on hydrogen production through bioprocesses, called BioH2. This project demonstrated the capacity of the technology to produce biological hydrogen from wastewater, but it also showed the need to achieve a greater total production of green hydrogen through this type of process.
From this need, Hi2BIO was created, which combines different biological processes aimed at producing green hydrogen, with the objective of maximising the net production of this energy vector. Therefore, the project is based on analysing, understanding, optimising and scaling the behaviour of these processes acting together.


The main objectives of this project are :

  • Study in detail the behaviour of dark fermentation and photofermentation working in series.
  • Evaluate different bacterial inoculums for use in the dark fermentation process and select the most suitable one.
  • Analyse gas treatment alternatives to obtain 95% purity of hydrogen in the generated gas stream.
  • Design and build a prototype for testing in simulated environments representative of real conditions.
  • Evaluate the behaviour of all technologies working in series and analyse possible synergistic or antagonistic effects.

The “Hi2bio” project is expected to represent a qualitative leap in the previous advances made by the company in biological hydrogen production, thanks to the combination of different processes and the optimisation of their synergistic effects, by adjusting all their influencing variables, including the bacteriological composition of the bed.
The project includes the development of a prototype that integrates all the technologies studied, guaranteeing the efficiency of the system and providing crucial information on its applicability.

Implementation period

July 2023 – July 2026


This project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza.

Grants: Funded by the European Union – NextgenerationEU

Hi2BIO has been considered as a strategic project for economic recovery and transformation (PERTE) in sectors considered key for the future.

Within innovation projects, PERTEs are very important as they are instruments of public-private collaboration that aim to promote major initiatives that contribute to the transformation of the country’s economy.

These projects are financed by the European Commission, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain, through the European recovery funds of the NextGenerationEU programme.