BIOH2 proposes a biological green H2 generation system, using organic matter from wastewater as a substrate.

BIOH2 proposes a system for generating H2, biological green hydrogen, using organic matter from wastewater as a substrate. This system is proposed as an economical and modular solution that allows the recovery of wastewater in industry, especially if they contain a high concentration of sugars in their effluents, as is the case of the food industry.


To achieve this, three lines of work are proposed: the choice of improved bacterial cultures, the optimisation of the hydrogen production process and the storage and control of the hydrogen.

BIOH2 will sensor all the critical parameters of the system, providing real-time monitoring of the entire process. A second part of this project will focus on the energetic use of the hydrogen produced for self-consumption.

It is expected to define an improved metabolic route, capable of increasing the production of green hydrogen (H2) and to carry out the necessary pilot tests to optimise the process by adjusting the main influencing variables. In addition, the design of the gas purification and storage system will be obtained. All of this, under the principles of industry 4.0.


This green hydrogen, used as energy self-consumption in an industry, will reduce the company’s energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the biological process will increase the biodegradability of the water, thus reducing the costs of water treatment.

On the other hand, BIOH2 will produce a valorisation of the waste and a complete circular economy with almost zero energy generation costs if we consider the reduction of purification costs.

The whole system is based on the idea that it should operate autonomously and with minimum maintenance. Therefore, the entire hydrogen generation, water treatment and gas storage system will be digitalised and sensorised in real time with 4.0 technology so that they work harmoniously. All this information will be integrated into a control platform that will send automatic alerts when any of the variables go out of the established range.

Implementation period

Phase I: December 2021 – August 2022

Phase II: September 2022 – Present


This project is possible thanks to the collaboration between DAB biotechnology, Rivi Technical Group, Ingeobras ( and the Aragonese water cluster, Zinane. 

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Further information

This disruptive innovation project aims to drive the search for a new source of energy production from wastewater. 

Grants and subsidies

This project has received aid in the form of a grant regulated by the support programme for Innovative Business Groups (AEIs) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan – Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

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