ANAERGY: Biological methane generation


Anaergy is a disruptive technology for water treatment in the agri-food industry, extremely efficient, small and innovative, which in turn generates energy.

Wastewater management is a key challenge for the agri-food sector due to the complicated treatment of its high organic load.

It is in this context that ANAERGY, a revolutionary biological and methane generation technology, has emerged. It is capable of producing energy and treating this wastewater efficiently and cost-effectively.


Five milestones were established to ensure the successful development of ANAERGY. These milestones combine the full development of INGEOBRAS’ own technology based on anaerobic digestion to the industrialisation and commercialisation of ANAERGY.

  1. Improved anaerobic digester design 
  2. Standardisation of the integration modules
  3. Manufacture of a test bench 
  4. Consistent industrial chain 
  5. Establishment of a commercial department

This innovation project successfully developed the technology to the commercial stage.

ANAERGY technology is a modern technological solution that benefits both the user and the environment.

  • Profitable

    A high organic matter (-DBO) (-DQO) removal rate is achieved at a very low cost.

    The residence time is shorter than traditional solutions, going from days to hours, so the size is smaller and therefore the investment is lower. 

  • Efficient::

    It is a robust system but at the same time easy to install thanks to its modularity. This allows savings in installation and assembly costs of up to 50%. It also generates little sludge and does not use chemicals in the process.

  • Sustainable:

    No further treatment is required thanks to its high removal rate of pollutants (from high amounts of nitrogen in its different forms to high organic loads) and biogas is generated which can be used for self-supply and as a renewable energy source

  • Flexible:

    As a modular system it can be configured and customised to meet the needs of each user, it is totally flexible.

  • Unique:

    It is the first time that aerobic, anaerobic and advanced oxidation technology has been integrated. At the moment there are no other alternative solutions on the market like ANAERGY.

ANAERGY has successfully reached its commercial phase and already has plants installed in different parts of the world. 

From a poultry production company in Spain to a mining company in Ecuador. More and more customers decide to adopt this innovative solution for their wastewater management. 

Implementation period


Further information

This technology represents a breakthrough in industrial wastewater treatment.

Grants and subsidies

This innovation project has been funded by the SMEi Phase II of the H2020 programme.