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Anaergy in, the online magazine of reference in e-commerce, highlights the benefits and savings for the agri-food industry offered by the Anaergy industrial water purification system.

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“This pioneering technology in the world treats industrial water with a quality and efficiency superior to those currently available.

  • Anaergy is already operating in 5 facilities in different parts of Spain, offering significant economic and environmental benefits.

Zaragoza, 21 September 2016. More economical, more efficient and more sustainable. This is Anaergy, a pioneering industrial water treatment system in the world. With this technology, companies in the agri-food industry can reduce their costs by 75% and become more efficient.

This technology makes it possible to treat industrial and urban water with a much higher efficiency and level of use than those currently available on the market. In addition to a 75% saving in energy and chemical product consumption costs, the use of Anaergy generates numerous other advantages for canning, dairy, brewing, wine-making companies and the entire agri-food industry in general. Its installation and operating cost is 30% lower than traditional technologies. In addition, installation time is only three months and the space required for its location is also smaller. Its design and operation are more efficiently applied in water with low flow rates. This makes it the ideal technology for any plant in this industry, regardless of its size.

With Anaergy, the water purification process is completely closed, which ensures the total absence of odours. It guarantees compliance with all discharge parameters and allows the use of this high quality water for irrigation or other uses in the agri-food industry. The range of utilisation of wastewater with Anaergy is from 400 ppm COD to 50,000 ppm COD, at a cost of between €0.18 and €0.55 per cubic metre.

It is currently operating with very good results in five plants installed in different parts of Spain: Zaragoza, Pontevedra, Guadalajara, Navarra and Asturias. This technology has been developed by Ingeobras, an Aragonese company expert in hydraulic engineering, with a long track record in national and international projects on the integral water cycle and its sustainable use”.