Structural Design and Calculation: The Basis of Modern Construction

In the world of Industrial Engineering, the design and calculation of structures represent the backbone of any building project. Companies such as Ingeobras stand out for their skill and rigour in this crucial stage of the construction process, guaranteeing the safety, durability and efficiency of buildings. But what does the design and calculation of structures really involve in modern construction? Join us in this article about structural engineering.


Structural Engineering: The Science of Safe Foundations

Structural engineering, a subfield of architecture, deals with the design and calculation of structures for a wide range of buildings. Its main objective is to ensure the stability and resistance of foundations over time, while maintaining their functionality and safety. In this process, priority is given to achieving standards of safety, level of service and efficient use of financial and material resources, which implies a delicate balance between innovation and tradition in construction.

Structural Analysis: The Science of Future Stability

The calculation of structures is an inherent necessity in any construction project, as it guarantees its long-term viability. To carry out this process, the authorities require the processing of a building permit, a document that certifies the solidity of the building based on various parameters such as materials used and reaction to external agents. Thus, structural calculations become the basis on which the planning and execution of any building project is built.

Structural Design: Harmony between Aesthetics and Functionality

The design of structures seeks not only the stability of a construction, but also its harmonious integration with its surroundings and its functionality. This process involves the definition of geometries, dimensions and resistance of the structural elements, as well as the consideration of details such as calculation methods, applicable regulations, characteristics of the terrain and materials used. In Spain, the regulations require the detailed presentation of all these aspects, thus guaranteeing the safety and legality of the buildings.

Ingeobras: Excellence in Structural Design and Calculation

As a leading company in the sector, Ingeobras has extensive experience in the design and calculation of structures for a wide range of projects. From installation supports to special foundations, its team of highly qualified professionals guarantees the achievement of solid and functional structures, complying with the highest standards of quality and safety. In addition, Ingeobras offers personalised advice, ensuring the satisfaction and success of each project.
In short, the design and calculation of structures represent the very essence of modern structural engineering. Companies like Ingeobras stand out for their commitment to excellence and innovation, ensuring the construction of safe, efficient and aesthetically harmonious buildings. In a constantly evolving world, structural design and calculation continue to be the foundation on which the future of architecture and civil engineering is built.