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Project data
  • Reference: GCP 2017 002900
  • Consortium leader: Tauste Centro Gestor de Estiércoles SL. (TAUSTE CGE)
  • Participants: Grupo Cooperativo Agroalimentario de Aragón (ARENTO), Ingeniería de Obras de Zaragoza SL (INGEOBRAS), Parque Científico Tecnológico Aula Dei (PCTAD)
  • Total budget: 94.960 €
  • Duraction: 2017 -2019
  • Project:New techniques in the treatment of slurry in the farm and its impact on animal welfare and the environment, presented to the Rural Development Program for Aragon 2014-2020. Cooperation actions ORDER DRS / 190/2017.
  • Objective: Application of viable digestion technologies to reduce the risk of pollution generated by custody and application of the volume of slurry generated on farms, reduce the cost of treatment (to € 0.8 / m3 compared to more than € 3 / m3) and minimize the impact that an uncontrolled discharge of slurries may entail.
  • Long term objective: Minimize the environmental impact of slurry management, obtain a digestate that can be used as irrigation water or networked at a cheaper cost than traditional treatment systems.