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  • Year of Implementation:: 2015
  • Location: Zuera, Zaragoza (Spain)
  • Description:

    Thanks to the innovation, a pilot plant for purifying water with very high organic load, such as those ones from food industry, farms or slaughterhouses will be launched. The pilot project will be implemented on a farm in Zaragoza, Spain) not only to purify the pig slurry, but also to get from that process enough energy for the 80% of the needs of a pig farm of 1,800 animals.

    The project was launched seven years ago between INGEOBRAS, the biologist Julio Valdés and the University of Vigo has finally led to the Spanish Ministry of Industry to approve the financing of a pilot plant in a pig farm of 1,800 pigs, whose slurry will be depurated and obtained from that process the biogas enough to 80% of the needs of the farm.

    The technology is intended for water treatment heavily loaded of organics and will beusefull both for the food industry, slaughterhouses, farms, etc.

    The advantages are many: the certification of a very low cost system for water discharge parameters into public waterways, the use of wastewater as a source of energy and a significant saving of costs in the industry where it is implemented.

    On December 4, 2014 the company INGEOBRAS signed the contract with the Ministry of Economy which gives way to finance this pilot plant intended to show that this new technology would allow a cheap and effective water purification and with a positive energy balance, supplying the power generated to the company in which it is implemented.

    This technology not only allows industrial use, also allows the purification of urban wastewater in small villages, which need a system of a very low operating cost. The investment cost is 10% smaller than a traditional system and the operating costs are 40% less, regardless of the energy generated.