Renovation of the water treatment plant of the Piedrafita Mountain hotel

Project picturesProject data Year of Implementation:: 2019 Location: Piedarfita (Spain) Client: Piedrafita Mountain hotel Description: Treatment plant reform project consisting of adapting existing equipment and installing new ones,including new electrical installation and expansion of the internal pipeline network to comply with the legal discharge requirements to the existing channel.

Water treatment plant in craft brewery

Project picturesProject data Year of Implementation:: 2017 Location: Borines (Spain) Client: Artesanos cerveceros de Asturias S.L Description: Project for the execution and construction of a wastewater treatment plant for the treatment of discharges resulting from the brewery through Ingeobras’ own system (Anaergy). Programming and installation of the control and automation program of the plant.

Cooperative group for an efficient, sustainable and alternative use of slurry. GC-UESAP

Project pictures Project data Reference: GCP 2017 002900 Consortium leader: Tauste Centro Gestor de Estiércoles SL. (TAUSTE CGE) Participants: Grupo Cooperativo Agroalimentario de Aragón (ARENTO), Ingeniería de Obras de Zaragoza SL (INGEOBRAS), Parque Científico Tecnológico Aula Dei (PCTAD) Total budget: 94.960 € Duraction: 2017 -2019 Project:New techniques in the treatment of slurry in the farm and its impact on animal…

Water treatment plant

Project picturesProject data Year of Implementation:: 2018 Location: Vilafranca de Bonany (Spain) Client: Huerto San Martí farm Description: Realization of a water purification plant eliminating pathogens and reducing the concentration of nitrates, chlorides and lime from the water to serve the rural exploitation. The plant was made in a 40-foot maritime container being a “plug &…