Water treatment plant at the Leca factory (Randers, Denmark)

A new “Zero Discharge” project will soon start at the Leca factory in Randers, Denmark.

In this project, it is proposed to implement a closed, zero-discharge circuit in which, instead of discharging wastewater, it is reused and fed back into the system as a new input source. With this design, we are committed to sustainability and a horizon of sustainable growth and production.

The design, execution and commissioning of a plant that will perform the functions of:

  • Treatment of the plant’s waste water for reuse.
  • Treatment of the supply water, which changes source throughout the year.

The proposed plant is designed on two floors with 40-foot containers placed one on top of the other. The whole process is fully automatic, with no need for permanent operating personnel at the plant.

Work carried out 

  • Plant design
  • Construction of the plant
  • Start-up of the plant
  • Analysis and control ensuring compliance with parameters

Characteristics of the plant  

  • Flow rate: 30 m3/h.
  • Technology: Removal of Heavy Metals, Iron & Manganese.
  • Design: Two 40 ft container plants placed one on top of the other.
Implementation period:
Randers, Denmark