Wastewater treatment plant for poultry company (Zamora, Castilla y León)

Work carried out  

Constructive project to define the execution works and operation tests necessary for the reform of the existing wastewater treatment plant of a poultry company for chicken slaughterhouse.

The Slaughterhouse currently has a Wastewater Treatment Plant in which roughing, primary decantation and homogenisation processes are carried out. The aim of this extension is to improve the parameters of the quality of the discharge water, as well as to increase the capacity of the installation for a future increase in production.


– Structural calculations

– Functional dimensioning

– Geothermal study

– Electrical and control installation study

– Environmental justification

– Quality control plan

– Health and safety study

– Waste management

– Site plan

– Calculation of the works budget


Implementation period:
Zamora, Castilla y León