Urbanisation of the Gressier Community Hall in Haiti (Rinaldi foundation)

This project is a response to the requests of the Rinaldi Foundation.

Work carried out 

  • Clearing and clearing of the area around the community hall and the area of the sports courts in order to proceed with their urbanisation.
  • Excavation and clearing of the land.
  • Spreading and compacting of gravel sub-base.
  • Construction of the roads around the urbanised areas with a layer of rigid road surface (20 cm concrete) and gravel sub-base (20 cm).
  • Placement of kerbs to mark the roads and separate the different development areas.
  • Laying of the concrete slab in the parking, pedestrian and sports areas.
  • Laying of granular material for paving in the corresponding areas
  • Execution of the rainwater drainage network in the urbanisation areas.
  • Execution of the stands of the sports area in reinforced concrete.
  • Fencing of the sports area.
  • Marking of the sports area.
  • Marking of the parking area.
  • Placement of sports equipment.
  • Placement of gardening elements (bushes and trees).
Implementation period:
Gressier, Haiti