Denitrification water treatment plant in Torrent (Valencia)

Last August 2022, the project “Drafting and execution of the works for a DWTP to eliminate nitrates by biological treatment in the Horteta reservoir in the TM of Torrent” was awarded.

In the coming months, the construction, installation and commissioning of a drinking water treatment plant will be carried out to treat a flow of 120 m3/hour by means of heterotrophic denitrification via biological treatment.

Work carried out  

  • Design of the plant
  • Construction of the plant
  • Start-up of the plant
  • Analysis and control ensuring compliance with parameters

Plant Characteristics 

  • Flow rate: 120 m3/h.
  • Technology: Puremust-SN
  • Design: Skid format
Implementation period:
2022 - 2023
Torrent, Valencia