Denitrification water treatment plant in La Eliana (Valencia)

INGEOBRAS is leading all the engineering works for the construction of a denitrification water treatment plant in La Eliana, Valencia.

It is a very complex project for which a very specific design adapted to the space requirements was carried out. In the same way, important civil works were required for the implementation of the biological filter and the planned refining filters.

The result was a complete success, providing the local company with a fully automated 4.0. plant design capable of treating a flow of 65 m3/h in less than 30 m2.

In order to optimise processes, save costs, promote customer convenience and facilitate installation, the plant was prefabricated at the INGEOBRAS innovation and development centre.

The plant is currently in the final phase of the project.

 Work carried out  

  • Plant design
  • Civil works
  • Construction of the plant
  • Electrical connection
  • Water conduction
  • Plant automation
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Commissioning of the plant
  • Analysis and control ensuring compliance with parameters

Plant characteristics 

  • Flow rate: 65 m3/h.
  • Technology: Puremust-SN
  • Design flow: 65m3/h
  • Inlet nitrate concentration: 60 – 70 mg/l
  • Outlet nitrate concentration: < 40 mg/l (RD140/2003 requires less than 50)
Implementation period:
2022 - 2023
La Eliana, Valencia