Denitrification water treatment plant in Calaf (Catalonia)

Project for the construction of a biological denitrification plant for the purification of drinking water in the town of Calaf, Catalonia.

This plant has a maximum capacity of 20 m3/h to eliminate nitrates from a groundwater source.

It consists of a series of filters working in parallel to carry out biological denitrification. This treatment is carried out by means of an innovative proprietary technology, leader in biological denitrification Puremust-SNⓇ.

Puremust-SNⓇ technology is the most cost-effective option on the market in terms of operation and investment, and is a sustainable technology created at, the advanced engineering laboratory within INGEOBRAS.


Work carried out  

  • Plant design
  • Construction of the plant
  • Start-up of the plant
  • Analysis and control ensuring compliance with parameters
Implementation period:
Calaf, Catalonia