Construction project Bodegas Mancuso (Almonacid de la Sierra, Zaragoza)

Bodegas Mancuso is a newly created winery under this trade name, but with extensive previous experience in the wine production and winemaking industry.

A strategic plan has been designed for the implementation of a new winery, with the aim of improving the overall functioning of the winemaking process, as well as organising and integrating the entire wine collection, winemaking and ageing process in the same industrial building.

Ingeobras has been commissioned to lead the project for the refurbishment of an old building, as well as the next construction management of the project.

Work carried out 

  • Basic Project
  • Execution Project
  • Construction project
  • Electricity
  • Lighting
  • Sanitation
  • Fire protection
  • Air conditioning
  • Construction report
Implementation period:
Almonacid de la Sierra, Zaragoza, Aragon