Biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal plant (Ecuador)

Design and construction of a containerised plant to treat 400 mg/l of nitrates (NO3-) and 60 mg/l of ammonium (NH4+) and 6 mg/l of phosphorus in compliance with the regulations.

The plant has a fully sensorised treatment line, automated and with 4.0 technology for the study and analysis of data on a central server.

It is also highly efficient and cost-effective in terms of operational and investment costs as it integrates innovative technologies developed by, the advanced engineering laboratory of INGEOBRAS.

The installation achieved several planning and execution milestones. It took less than 5 weeks from project definition to delivery to the port.

Work carried out 

  • Plant design
  • Construction of the plant
  • Commissioning of the plant
  • Analysis and control ensuring compliance with parameters

Plant characteristics 

  • Flow treated: 150 m3/day
  • Inlet nitrate concentration: 400 mg/l
  • Inlet ammonium concentration: 60 mg/l
  • Total Nitrogen output: /<10 mgl complying with IFC regulations for discharge into watercourse.
  • Inlet COD concentration: ≈ 500 mg/l
  • Concentration of COD output: < 15 mg/l
  • Phosphorus inlet concentration: 8 mg/l
  • Phosphorus outflow concentration: 2 mg/l
Implementation period: