Filtralite and Ingeobras develop a technology that recovers phosphorus from wastewater for its use in agriculture

What is it?

It is a technology with which we manage to recover between 90 and 97% of the total phosphorus present in wastewater for its subsequent use as a fertilizer, working with HRT from 1 hour.

We recover a valuable molecule such as phosphorus to reuse it in fertilizer and soil improvements and other uses.

It is an environmentally sustainable, efficient and fully developed and tested solution. It is currently in the commercial phase (TRL 9)

The problem

Phosphorus is one of the essential nutrients for plant growth as its properties cannot be performed by any other nutrient.

The recovery of phosphorus is very interesting both for environmental reasons and for economic issues due to the decrease in the reserves of phosphate rock present in classical natural reserves (mines) and the continuous increase in the price of phosphorus.

This system is very effective as it allows the recovery of phosphorus already used and its recycling again, a sustainable cycle of permanent character.

Advantages of this technology
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Extensively tested technology
  • High efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly material

Commercial phase


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