Our Technologies
Biological Denitrification

Puremust-sn is an innovative technology certified by SGS to remove up to 1400 mg/l of nitrates from water, four times more than what has been achieved so far.

Agro-food water treatment

Anaergy is a disruptive technology for the water treatment of the agri-food industry, extremely efficient, small and innovative that also generates energy..

Advanced Oxidation

Technology created to reduce COD and BOD levels without relying on live batteries to be maintained, so that systems can be switched on and off.

Arsenic and Uranium Removal

Technology that eliminates Arsenic and Uranium in a single step, without the need for maintenance, use of chemicals or water conditioning

Iron and Manganese Removal

Technology that eliminates from 0.5 ppm to more than 50 ppm in the most competitive way in the market.

Heavy Metal Removal

With the HMR filters we are able to remove heavy metals such as Chrome, Zinc Cadmium, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Copper or Nickel.

Fluoride Removal

Innovative technology that significantly increases the retention capacity of fluoride contaminants in drinking water.

Ammonium removal

Innovative technology capable of removing high concentrations of ammonium from drinking water at 99% efficiency.

We are one of the few companies in Aragon that has its own Research and Development centre. This allows us to create innovative solutions to the problems that arise and to develop completely new technologies. Moreover, we are able to attend to specific demands and search for solutions to individual problems.

At Ingeobras we not only give each client the best solution to their problems, but we also test it to prove that it works.