Oxidasie Ingeobras

OKSIDASIE: a revolutionary new technology of direct mineralization of organic cargo is being born

Technologies based on advanced oxidation processes (AOP) are positioned as the main alternative to conventional wastewater treatment. The interest in using these solutions is constantly increasing in recent years, especially in those sectors that are large water consumers and produce effluents with high amounts of organic load. The agri-food industry represents that sector that use large amounts of water, also characterized by the seasonality of its activity and therefore, by variability in the composition and volume of water to be treated. This fact, strongly hinders the operation works of conventional wastewater treatment plants.

ANAERGY technology includes its own process, based on AOP, which integrates several oxidant agents. The pilot tests developed by Ingeobras with this new system, enhances the reduction of COD, reaching the removal of 4954 ppm in a hydraulic retention time (TRH) of 4 hours. This innovative solution, does not generate sludge or consume chemical products, which results in a significant decrease of operating costs in the plant.

The positive results achieved to date with this system points the technology as a great solution that adds value to the whole agri-food value chain, and a new business activity for Ingeobras. The technology enables the replacement of conventional wastewater treatments and offers a solution adapted to the seasonality of the agri-food industry and its high organic load on water effluents. In addition, it can also be used as a tertiary treatment after biological processes, enabling the reuse of the effluents without any risk associated.

During the next months, Ingeobras will continue working on the process optimization, as well as on its scalability to real environment.