Obras Urbanas talks about INGEOBRAS project in Azerbaijan

Obras Urbanas, the portal specialised in the technical sector, published this week the news about the irrigation project developed by Ingeobras in Azerbaijan.

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Obras Urbanas article:

“Ingeobras, a Spanish company specialising in hydraulic engineering, has been selected to carry out a Macro irrigation project in Azerbaijan. In this way, the company has converted 10,000 hectares of rainfed land into irrigated land in just a few months. This is the first development of this scale to be carried out in Europe in one go. This project is also a major boost for a country whose economy was based on oil.

As part of Azerbaijan’s economic diversification due to the fall in oil prices, a pioneering project has been launched to convert 10,000 hectares of rain-fed land into irrigated land.

This Ingeobras irrigation project, valued at 90 million dollars (85.3 million euros). It has outbid the other two selected companies, one American and one Russian, in all the required aspects: technical, design, electrical, structural and hydraulic calculations.

To date, no project of these characteristics has ever been carried out in Europe in one go. Ingeobras has been working on the ground since December 2016 to convert 10,000 hectares of land into irrigated land with a flow rate of 21,000 cubic metres per hour, where wheat and maize are to be grown. In this way, this country on the shores of the Caspian is moving towards diversifying its economy by returning to its agricultural roots, to the detriment of its massive dependence on oil.

Irrigation techniques in Spain still have much room for improvement. Thus, the application of systems such as this one would allow a better use of resources, as well as an increase in the variety of crops in dry areas.

Ingeobras is a company with consolidated experience in the hydraulic engineering sector at an international level. The company has developed and executed several projects in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Haiti, Guinea, Senegal, among others”.