Anaergy Ingeobras

ANAERGY is a disruptive technology, financed by the EU SMEi Phase2 programme, for efficiently treating water discharges in the small and medium-sized food industry. The solution removes the 99% of the COD in wastewaters, minimizing the area required, and the energy and chemical consumption, resulting in a reduction of O&M costs. ANAERGY is a modular and tailor-made technology that integrates different processes in the whole system, being fully adaptable to the customer requirements.


Five milestones have been established in order to ensure the successful development of ANAERGY. These milestones gather from the full development of INGEOBRAS’ own technology based on anaerobic digestion, to ANAERGY’s industrialization and commercialization.


During the first 8 months of the project lifetime, INGEOBRAS has developed and demonstrated its own and innovative anaerobic digester. The solution was tested with different water matrices, reaching a COD removal of 2,000 ppm in a Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) of 4.5 hours. The digester does not generate any sludge, does not need high working pressures, and requires low energy consumption, resulting in a decrease in the operation costs. Moreover, the system integrates automatic installation control.


ANAERGY technology also includes its own system based on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP). The pilot tests developed by Ingeobras with this innovative system reaches a COD removal of 4,954 ppm in an HRT of 4 hours. The solution does not generate sludge or consume chemical products. Actually, Ingeobras is fully involved in this process optimisation, and its scalability to the real environment.