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New Ingeobras logo

Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. (INGEOBRAS) presents its new brand image and business structure.

“Our company evolves, our brand too”- Ingeobras

For several years we have been using our traditional brand image. We have taken great care of it and it has been with us in many successes. However, the time has come to introduce a new corporate image with which we can continue to face new challenges and add milestones to our trajectory and the one of our clients.

New brand positioning: Why?

In recent years and due to our great activity, we have grown as a company. We have even created new lines of business. This is why we felt the need to renew our image and positioning of each of the company’s business lines.

In addition, a number of challenges had to be faced. For example, a business model that was difficult to understand or a complex website with a large volume of information. Therefore, it was time for a change.

We surrounded ourselves with the best professionals to create a new corporate image that would be in line with our strategic plan and would transmit the essence of the company.

For us, the support of the strategic design consultancy Addsum and the company Crearium was essential in the process.

Colours, typography, slogan and logo of Ingeobras.

We welcome a cleaner, fresher and more future-oriented logo.

Logotipo de ingeobras png
Ingeobras logo white version
Logotipo de Ingeobras (Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L.)
Ingeobras logo dark version

This logo gives more prominence to the name with a very identifiable character, concise, compact and sure strokes. It is built on the basis of a geometric grid with sharp typographic finials, which emphasise its rigour and accuracy.

Construcción logo
Construction of Ingeobras logo
Construcción logo
Construction of logo and official colours Ingeobras
Construcción logo
Ingeobras symbol

For us, engineering can only come from ingenuity, that’s why our slogan and the reference to (the advanced engineering laboratory of INGEOBRAS):

When engineering comes from

Our Value Proposition

We are an engineering company that goes from traditional engineering to advanced engineering, accompanying the client in each phase of the project. We have a track record of more than 15 years providing added value and new solutions in both the national and international market.

We carry out projects related to:

Ingeniería de agua
Water Engineering
Ingeniería civil
Civil Engineering and Special Structures
Ingeniería Industrial
Industrial Engineering

Our true value lies in the people who make up INGEOBRAS. A highly trained multidisciplinary team with scientific and technical knowledge. From the beginning, we have based our learning on continuous improvement, knowledge and experience.

We have a unique vision of engineering, which is based on three principles:

  • Innovation: We investigate from the focus of the problem to solve it without prior conditions.
  • Knowledge: We rely on science and experience to turn ideas into reality.
  • Agility: We are flexible and efficient to adapt to our clients in all phases of the project.Estamos muy felices del resultado obtenido.

We are very happy with the result.

We renew ourselves with you, by you and for you. Thank you for choosing us.

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