Maó inaugurated this Saturday its first public source free of excessive nitrate contamination. It is located in the Calabria building on Santa Eulàlia street and allows you to have free water that meets all the requirements and suggestions of the World Health Organization.

The cost of this source is 60,000 euros as it has a denitrification process. It was financed by a remnant of treasury and is part of the global plan of the town hall to eradicate the historical problem of nitrate contamination that the city suffers.

The next step to end the high nitrate indices, more than 50 milligrams per liter, will be the construction of a large water treatment plant. Through a heterotrophic biological process, the nitrate level will be reduced and the wells will be re-inflated to reduce the contamination rate to acceptable levels. Then, this water will be supplied by public networks throughout the city.

The cost will be 600,000 euros that will come from the eco-tax funds.

News source: Diario digital Menorcaaldía.