INGEOBRAS expands the Padarçöl (Azerbaijan) irrigation macro-project by 5,000 hectares.

INGEOBRAS, a Spanish company specialized in hydraulic engineering, led in 2017 – 2018 a comprehensive irrigation macro-project in Padarçöl (Azerbaijan). In this way, the company managed to convert 4900 hectares of rainfed land into irrigated land, generate more than 100 jobs and invigorate an area of the country with a low per capita income.

It was the second major project that the company carried out in the country, as in 2016 – 2017 Ingeobras carried out a pioneering project in Tovuz to transform 10,000 hectares of rainfed land into irrigated land with a flow rate of 21,000 cubic meters per hour. It was the first time such a project was carried out in Europe.

The Padarçöl project was a new challenge for which Ingeobras had to combine its experience in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and special structures with the aim of developing an efficient, automated irrigation system adapted to the environment.

This project was based on the sizing of 85 kilometers of irrigation pipe networks to install a total of 76 irrigation pivots, in addition to the design and sizing of pumping stations, structures, mechanical equipment, electrical lines, etc.

Today, Ingeobras has completed an expansion of 5000 hectares over the initial project, turning the Padarçöl areas into the most technologically developed irrigation system in the country. A large part of the project’s success is determined by the high technological development of the automation system, thanks to which production can be maximized.

Work performed:

  • Topographic work: Topographic survey and field inspection.
  • Hydraulic design: Study of piping network and pumping equipment.
  • Mechanical design: Mechanical system study of pumping stations
  • Civil works design: Study of concrete channels, buildings and irrigation ponds.
  • Electrical design: High voltage and low voltage. Transformer stations and distribution networks.

The Ingeobras team is very proud to have successfully completed this project. We will continue working to apply our knowledge to generate added value and promote agricultural development in the country.