Innovative development for biological hydrogen generation

INGEOBRAS has been beneficiary of a project within the “PAIP” programme. The objective is to implement the experience in water treatment to obtain new knowledge and improve the bioproduction of hydrogen from wastewater.

The aim of the project is to promote a new line of innovation in the company, based on the generation of clean hydrogen through the treatment of industrial wastewater. This technology is based on the application of the principles of the circular economy to purification processes. It transforms wastewater treatment plants into biorefineries, capable of producing not only water for reuse, but also of generating energy or recovering by-products.

The project has been structured in 4 work packages and 13 tasks that have been successfully developed over 12 months. Over the next few months, Ingeobras will continue to work on the development of the technology, to gain in-depth knowledge of the biological system, its synergies with other processes and its limitations.