premiada como uno de los 10 +10 Ejemplos Empresariales Por el Clima, recognized as an Example #ForTheClimate 2023

The #ForTheClimate community today recognized (the innovation brand of INGEOBRAS) among the 10 + 10 Business Examples For Climate 2023, in its SME category, for its BIOEnergHII project for the production of biohydrogen and biomethane from industrial wastewater. one of the 10 Spanish SMEs highlighted for their commitment to the climate.

At (INGEOBRAS), a leading engineering, innovation and sustainability company, we are proud to announce that we have been recognized as one of the “10+10 Business Examples #ForClimate” in the sixth edition of this prestigious initiative. This recognition highlights and strengthens our commitment as a company to climate action and our outstanding contribution to decarbonization through the pioneering project called “BIOEnergHII”.

The “10+10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate” initiative seeks to highlight exemplary companies in the implementation of sustainable best practices in the private sector, which are key to addressing the climate crisis. In this edition, joins 20 other companies, ten large and ten SMEs, that are leading the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Iniciativas premiadas a los 10 + 10 Ejemplos Empresariales #PorElClima 2023
Sofía Quintana, responsable de Marketing de INGEOBRAS / recogiendo el premio a los 10 + 10 Ejemplos Empresariales #PorElClima 2023

BIOEnergHII Project: Production of biohydrogen and biomethane from industrial wastewater

During the awards gala, we had the opportunity to present our “BIOEnergHII” project in more detail.

This innovation project is part of the Eurostars program, with co-funding from CDTI and the European Union’s “Horizon Europe” Framework Program for Research and Innovation. We carried it out in collaboration with the Swiss company UniSieve to guarantee the quality and cleanliness of the gas produced.

The main focus of the project is to produce from industrial wastewater a mixture of biohydrogen gas and biomethane in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, thus contributing to the production of green energy and reducing the environmental footprint.

This project is not only innovative, but also essential to move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Proyecto BIO Energ HII
Proyecto BIO Energ HII

Environmental Commitment and Sustainable Strategy

Like other exemplary companies recognized in this and previous editions, we at demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and emissions reduction. This recognition highlights the importance of concrete actions to address the climate crisis and promote decarbonization.

“At we are proud to be part of the community committed to the climate cause. We believe in the importance of innovation and business sustainability as essential elements in addressing climate challenges. Together, we can make a positive impact and work towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

says Sofía Quintana, the company’s marketing manager.

A Sustainable Future: Beyond Research

Although the BIOEnergHII project is currently in the research stage, we at have solid plans to scale it up to the commercial phase in the near future. Engagement with the food and beverage industry, renewable energy companies and society at large is crucial to the success of this initiative.

Acknowledgements #ForTheClimate

From we would like to thank ECODES for creating this initiative and the partners present in the driving group, such as Aclima, Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad, Forética, Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde, Pacto Mundial Red Española, Fundación Biodiversidad and Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico, for making this possible.

We also thank the allied companies that support this initiative: Caixa Bank, Iberdrola, Bankinter and BBVA. Of course, the recognition extends to the members of the jury who have bet on our candidacy and to all the attendees and participants who have contributed to make this achievement possible.

We keep innovating!

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Logos de los aliados a los 10 + 10 Ejemplos Empresariales #PorElClima

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