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INNGEN.IO participates in the Innovation Commission organized by ZINNAE

The Cluster for the efficient use of water, organizes an Innovation Commission where 4 innovative projects of the last call for AEIs are presented and where has the opportunity to participate.

On April 27th, took place the innovation commission organized by the Cluster for the efficient use of water ZINNAE, in which could participate to present the results of its last two innovation projects.

These projects aim to promote the digital transformation of companies through Industrial Research activities and are part of the latest call for Innovative Business Groups (AEIs) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

These are the BIOH2 and DIGIT-BALSA projects.

BIOH2 project

With the development of this project, a system capable of generating green hydrogen using organic matter from wastewater as a substrate has been created.

With this system it has been possible to achieve a purity of the hydrogen obtained of more than 70%. In addition, it has been possible to optimize the water after treatment to obtain more easily biodegradable water.

BIO-H2 has achieved a valorization of a waste (wastewater) to a valuable resource (green hydrogen) with a cost of almost zero energy generation.

Project collaborators: DAB Biotechnology, INGEOBRAS ( and RIVI Technical Group.

BIOH2 innovation commission


This project has allowed the installation of an innovative system for the early detection of leaks and infiltrations in ponds. The system, based on fiber optic technology, allows the monitoring and early detection of leaks in an environment similar to that of a real slurry pond.

DIGIT-BALSA seeks to reduce the risk of leaks and water contamination, thus avoiding environmental impacts.

Project collaborators: Canteras de Ejea, the Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de La Almunia (EUPLA) through its Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Research Group (GIHA), Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza ( – INGEOBRAS) and the Spanish Pig Producers Cluster (i+Porc).

DIGIT-BALSA innovation commission

Both projects have been led by ZINNAE.

We would like to thank the Cluster for the efficient use of water, ZINNAE, for organizing this Innovation Commission, which highlights the importance of innovation and collaboration in the water sector.

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