INNGEN.IO at the European Business and Innovation Center of Aragon (CEEIARAGÓN)

Our innovation laboratory, is located within the European Business Center and Innovation of Aragon (CEEIARAGÓN), which aims to collaborate with the growth of Aragon, Spian, by promoting business innovation projects.

CEEIARAGÓN is a reference center that promotes the development and consolidation of business innovation projects that have a technological base and whose objective is to transform an idea into a reality.

This center’s mission is to collaborate with the growth of Aragon, and to this end it supports the business project in all its areas. It offers facilities, advisory services and an ecosystem prepared to launch projects based on innovation and technology. All this to help Aragonese startups in their growth. is an innovation lab where we research and develop from knowledge and disruption, looking for alternative ways to reach new challenges. The ideas that are viable, we turn them into products or services that are launched to the market.

Currently, we are developing technologies based on biological methods, mainly focused on water treatment and energy generation from wastewater.

The first step to start with an innovation project is to get a suitable ecosystem for that first idea, so that we can bring it to reality. Thanks to being part of the European Center for Innovative Enterprises of Aragon, has been able to build a fully equipped research and development center.

ingeobras shed at the CEEI

We have a fully equipped laboratory where we research and look for the origin of innovation in science. We also have several fully sensorized and automated test lines through which technologies pass to perform experiments after analysis at the source in the laboratory. Finally, we are able to build pilots to demonstrate the efficacy of the technology on both small and large scales.

Once the technology has passed all phases and is technically and economically viable, it is ready to be launched to the market with guaranteed success.

With the difficulty in some aspects of innovation, the help provided by CEEIARAGÓN is key, offering an optimal place, where more actors necessary in R&D processes collaborate. The location is also important as it is close to the Aragonese Water Cluster (ZINNAE) and the University of Zaragoza, fundamental organizations with which we constantly collaborate.

For us, innovation means future, it means being able to launch global solutions capable of changing the world.

We leave you a fragment of a video in which Joaquín Murría Martín, CEO of explains what it means to be a member of CEEIARAGÓN:

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