INGEOBRAS selected as one of the 101 Business Climate Examples

INGEOBRAS has been selected for its green hydrogen generation technology from wastewater as one of the 101 Business Climate Examples. This initiative rewards innovative business projects for their commitment and ambition to stop the climate emergency and move towards decarbonisation.

Measuring impact, reducing emissions, developing innovative technologies, public reporting of actions and social mobilisation are just some of the initiatives that have been taken into account in the 4th edition of the 101 Business Case Studies for Climate. All with a focus on meeting the 2050 decarbonisation targets.

EIn this edition, INGEOBRAS’ proposal to generate green hydrogen from wastewater has been selected as one of the best 101 Business Climate Examples.

Descubre todos los detalles de la eFind out more about this innovative technology here:

IInitiative developed by: ECODES (Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo), Fundación Biodiversidad, Red Española de Pacto Mundial, FORETICA, Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde, Aclima, Club Excelencia para la Sostenibilidad y Gobierno de España (Ministerio para la transformación ecológica y el reto demográfico)