Ingeobras reaches a collaboration agreement with Simtech Ltda. in Chile.

Thanks to the relationship between INGEOBRAS S.L. and Simtech Ltda. BIOBOX technology is introduced in Chile to address 4 types of pollutants present in drinking water, urban wastewater and industrial water: BIOBOX Nitrates; BIOBOX Ammonium; BIOBOX Phosphorus and BIOBOX Sulphates. The technologies offered are selective bioremediation treatments, without water rejection.

INGEOBRAS has been in contact with SIMTECH and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Chile since 2021 to introduce its innovative technologies in the Chilean market. This relationship initially led to an agreement between Leca and Simtech to bring Filtralite filtering material to the Chilean market. Similarly, a second agreement has been reached between Ingeobras and Simtech to bring BIOBOX technology to the Chilean market.

Simtech Ltd. – Official BIOBOX supplier

The Chilean company Simtech Ltda. is a company with more than 25 years of experience. It offers equipment supply, installation services, commissioning and provides different services in the area of water treatment.

Simtech focuses on providing its customers with reliable equipment and is committed to innovative solutions that bring added value to the market.

The strategic alliance between INGEOBRAS (BIOBOX) and SIMTECH allows Chilean customers to have a local reference for the supply of this equipment and support in installation tasks, maintenance or additional plant requirements.

Simtech Innovation and Commitment (Source: Simtech)
Simtech Ltda. (Av. Francisco Bilbao 732 Providencia, Santiago de Chile) (Source: Simtech)

BIOBOX events in Chile

Last November 2022, the first commercial trip was made by Joaquín Murría, Operations Director of BIOBOX and Sofía Quintana, Marketing Manager of BIOBOX. Both participated in different events with the aim of raising awareness of the technologies on offer.

“XXIV Conference on Water Quality and Process Control”

On 24 and 25 November 2022, BIOBOX participated in the XXIV Conference on Water Quality and Process Control.

It is a meeting organised by AIDIS Chile that brings together professionals in the field of water to discuss, update and learn about the latest innovations in the sector.

In this case, Joaquín Murría spoke about filtration processes and presented the qualities of Filtralite filter media (Saint-Gobain).

XXIV Conference on Water Quality and Process Control (Source: BIOBOX)
XXIV Conference on Water Quality and Process Control (Source: BIOBOX)

“Seminar Launch of the Bioremediation and Odour Control Line”

El 29 de Noviembre de 2022, BIOBOX participó como ponente en un Seminario para presentar el lanzamiento de la nueva Línea de Biorremediación ofrecida en Chile.

En este interesante evento, organizado por Simtech Ltda en el hotel Diego de Velázquez, Joaquín Murría explicó en detalle el funcionamiento de las 4 tecnologías ofrecidas: BIOBOX Nitratos; BIOBOX Amonio; BIOBOX Fósforo y BIOBOX Sulfatos.

Bioremediation and Odour Control Line Launch Seminar (Source: BIOBOX)
Bioremediation and Odour Control Line Launch Seminar (Source: BIOBOX)

Contact and useful information

Contact us for specific case studies or additional information on the technologies:

Joaquín Murría

  • +34 646 95 60 56

Patricio Valenzuela

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