INGEOBRAS takes its technology to remove nitrates from water to Europe and the United States

This is an excerpt from the news of, by Eva Sereno.

The company, which specializes in hydraulic engineering, has developed a novel technology that allows reducing the presence of nitrates in the water through a biological system that converts nitrate into nitrogen gas, which is harmless to human health and For the enviroment. A technology that has already installed in Spain and with which, now, Ingeobras begins its implementation abroad with the first steps to introduce it in Europe and the United States.

The presence of nitrates in the water is an important problem because, when its presence is 50 mg / l or more, the water is no longer potable. In addition, more and more areas of Spain and also worldwide are being affected by higher levels of nitrates in aquifers by the use of manure or nitrogen fertilizers, among other aspects, which are increased by rainfall, soil conditions or the modification of irrigation.

It is a problem that the Zaragoza company Ingeobras has put a solution to with the development of a new Puremust-SN technology, which has been patented and allows reducing the presence of nitrates in the water.

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