Anaergy H2020

INGEOBRAS beneficiary of the H2020 Programme SME Instrument-Phase 2

Last February 2019, INGEOBRAS was beneficiary of the H2020 Programme “SME Grant Instrument – Phase 2”. The company is going to develop its own technology for the treatment of wastewater from small and medium-sized agri-food industry (ANAERGY, GA 858805). Being a beneficiary of the programme has been a great achievement for the company. It has been the only Aragonese company to be a beneficiary of the 2019 European programme.

What is Horizon 2020?

Horizon 2020 is the European Union (EU) framework programme for innovation and research for the period 2014-2022. It has a total budget of more than €77 billion to fund different innovative initiatives and projects.

This initiative contains a programme called SME Instrument, whose focus is exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to the European Union. Projects submitted under this programme can be individual or consortia, and receive funding throughout the innovation process through a phased grant scheme, which supports traditional or innovative SMEs that have the ambition to grow, develop and internationalise through a European innovation project.

ANAERGY Project:

The ANAERGY consortium, formed by INGEOBRAS and PROYCON, has been the beneficiary of this European funding programme, characterised by its high competitiveness. For INGEOBRAS, this project represents a turning point in its R+D+i activity and an important boost to technological innovation in the company.

During the two years of this project led by INGEOBRAS, the ANAERGY technology for the treatment of wastewater from the food industry will be developed to the market.

ANAERGY offers a flexible solution that adapts to the circumstances of each user, capable of achieving high rates of pollutant removal in a small space and with lower operating costs than those offered by traditional wastewater treatment technologies.