Anaergy (en)Water

ANAERGY technology receives funding from the H2020 SME Instrument-Phase 2 Program, which supports SMEs, with high growth potential and an international market ambition, for the development of disruptive technologies. The ANAERGY consortium, formed by INGEOBRAS and PROYCON, has been a beneficiary of this European financing program, characterized by its high competitiveness. This project is a turning point for INGEOBRAS in its R & D  activity and an important boost to technological innovation in the company.

In the two years of this project led by INGEOBRAS, ANAERGY wastewater treatment technology from the food industry will be developed to market. ANAERGY offers a flexible solution that adapts to the circumstances of each user, capable of achieving high pollutant removal rates in a small space and with lower operating costs than those offered by traditional wastewater treatment technologies.