Anaergy radio cope 2016

ANAERGY on radio Cope Estella

Transcription of the interview ANAERGY on radio Cope Estella:

>The latest news takes us to Andosilla. INGEOBRAS, an Aragonese company, has developed a pioneering system in the world for the purification of industrial urban water and livestock farms. Anaergy® at San Sebastián wineries, in Andosilla, is the first industry to implement this system, characterised by its low implementation and operating cost compared to existing technologies, guaranteeing compliance with all discharge parameters and a high quality of treated water suitable for irrigation and other functions typical of the agri-food industry. Joaquín Murria, the company’s manager, explains the advantages of the plant on COPE:

> “This treatment plant brings together the advantages of the worlds of purification technologies. The advantages of anaerobic bacteria in terms of a very low treatment cost and the advantages of aerobic bacteria, in terms of very high efficiency. So, we manage to purify water in the same equipment at a very low cost and with a very high efficiency. Especially when it comes to water with a high organic matter load. These can be all those that come from the agri-food industry such as wine cellars, dairy industries, fat industries, canning industries.

It is a type of industry, with a high organic load, which normally costs a lot of money to treat its water. This is the type of industry we are targeting.” Joaquín Murría- CEO of INGEOBRAS

> Among other advantages that the Anaergy® system can provide for industries in the wine, brewery, canning, dairy, etc. sector, is its maximum efficiency and the absence of odours, as it is a completely closed system, with quick installation, assembly in 3 months and a reduced space required for its location.