INGEOBRAS & FILTRALITE: The NEED for Sustainable Clean Water

The Event

To celebrate EU Green Week 2021, two pioneering companies in innovation and sustainable water treatment are joining forces to create a joint event as part of the EU Green Week 2021 Partner Event.

Ingeobras and Filtralite create an event called “INGEOBRAS & FILTRALITE: The need for sustainable clean water”.

This event is organised in two main phases:

  • 5- May- 2021: Online presentation about the latest developments in sustainability and innovation in water treatment.

Topics to be discussed: Innovation, sustainability, Agri-Food Industry, ANAERGY results, efficient, profitable and sustainable water treatments, the future of the industry and … Much more!

  • 6- May- 2021: Guided tour of the Ingeobras Innovation and Development Centre

Online Presentation

Event description: A strategic conference in which two pioneering companies in the development of innovative water treatment technologies will give a first-hand account of the latest developments in the industry. Learn about the most innovative water treatments that have all the process guarantees and most importantly, technical and economic viability for all types of companies, as well as being environmentally responsible.

This type of proprietary technologies will allow you to save costs and be more competitive in the market. At the same time, they allow upgrading or retrofitting existing water treatment plants. Also the construction of compact containerised plants that are easy to transport and install.

Introduction to the event (9.30h – 9.40h): General introduction and presentation of the speakers

First session (9.40h- 10.15h): Joaquín Murria, CEO of Ingeobras will give an overview of the industry and the importance of innovation in the sector: He will also present a disruptive technology for water treatment in the agri-food industry called ANAERGY, an extremely efficient, small and innovative technology.

Second session (10.15h – 10.45h) : Carlos de Juan Álvarez, Product Manager of Filtralite Iberia will talk about Energy, Water and CO2 reductions in a DWTP (Drinking Water Treatment Plant).

Questions and end of the conference (10.45h- 11:00h)

Date: 5 May 2021

Language: English

Location: Online

Time: 9.30h to 11:00h a.m. (CET)

Registration: *Event already finished

Open day: Guided tour of the Innovation and Development centre

Description of the event: There will be a guided tour of the Ingeobras Research and Development centre. This will give interested parties the opportunity to see up close the pilot plants, FILTRALITE materials and the spaces in which ingenuity arises.

Date: 6 May 2021

Language: Spanish

Location: Calle María de Luna nº11 Nave 8, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain

(European Business and Innovation Centre of Aragon SA)

Time: 12:00h a.m. to 13:00h a.m

¡Regístrate aquí! : * Full capacity*