eliminar arsénico y amonio del agua potable

Ingeobras develops an economic and easy process to eliminate Uranium and Arsenic.

Fresh water sources polluted with contaminants such as Arsenic and Uranium happens in both rural and urban areas. In most cases, the contamination comes from “washing” the soil with these natural materials, although, sometimes, origin can be pollutant discharges.

The challenge was to develop a system that eliminates both pollutants in an economical way adapted to not technified villages. Ingeobras Development Centre team designed and organized several experiments. All the test parameters of all the experiments carried out, such as, material mass, flow, concentration, media deepness, retention time and performance, pH, etc. were monitored, analysed, and studied deeply in every detail of the behaviour of the processes.

Finally, the tested process with the best results was adopted and mechanical design of the treatment was developed by Ingeobras Engineering guys.

Maximum arsenic concentration allowed in drinking water is 10 μg/l.

The innovative treatment requires no chemical dosing or automation and is an economical and reliable equipment, with a required HRT of less than 8 minutes. The whole process has taken us two months of intense work, a short period in view of the results.

Process to remove arsenic and uranium from drinking water