Aragón Climate Week 2023

INGEOBRAS at Aragón Climate Week 2023: Contributing to Climate Action

INGEOBRAS is participating in Aragón Climate Week 2023 to address climate adaptation in the Aragón region, contributing to the fight against climate change.

About Aragón Climate Week 2023

On 24 October, the International Day against Climate Change, Aragon celebrated the third edition of the Aragon Climate Week. This initiative‘s main mission is to engage and mobilize Aragón’s society in all its sectors to take action against climate change, with this year’s focus being on climate action.

Just a few weeks before the COP 28 is held in the United Arab Emirates, scheduled for Dubai from November 30th to December 12th, Aragón has become the stage for a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about climate change. Workshops, seminars, and exhibitions were part of this event, all related to the fight against climate change and led by the Suma Acciones platform.

AGORA Project

Among the highlighted activities is the one organized by the Ibercivis Foundation as part of the AGORA project. AGORA is a project funded by HORIZON Europe that started in January 2023 and supports the European Union’s Mission on Climate Change Adaptation. In this project, a set of pilot regions has been identified to closely collaborate in co-designing, co-developing, and implementing climate adaptation solutions. These pilot regions are Germany (Dresden), Sweden (Malmö), Italy (Rome), and proudly, Spain (Zaragoza).

INGEOBRAS’ Participation

We were contacted by the AGORA team as representatives of the private sector to participate in a workshop. The workshop aimed to conduct a participatory diagnosis to better understand the vulnerability of the Aragón region to climate change and, equally important, to identify the territory’s needs for effective climate adaptation.

Sofía Quintana and Celia Trujillo Aragón Climate Week 2023
SWOT Aragón Climate week 2023
Presentation of INGEOBRAS at Aragón Climate Week 2023

During this workshop, the economic, social, and environmental consequences of climate change were addressed. It involved the participation of representatives from the public administration, the scientific community, civil society, and, of course, the private sector. Together, we explored the impacts we face in Aragón, such as water scarcity and desertification, and continued to investigate the defined impacts. This allowed us to propose an overall vision, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that position Aragón in relation to the impacts, as well as the external threats and opportunities we must consider.

Celia Trujillo, PhD in Analytical Chemistry at INGEOBRAS, and Sofia Quintana, INGEOBRAS’ Marketing and Market Research Manager, actively participated in this enriching and participatory workshop. We are proud to have been able to contribute, and we hope that the solutions proposed during this event can become a reality in the near future.

At INGEOBRAS, we are committed to climate action and will continue to actively collaborate in initiatives like Aragón Climate Week to build a more sustainable future.

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