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INGEOBRAS and committed to World Water Day

INGEOBRAS and join the “Accelerate Change” campaign for World Water Day. An initiative that aims to raise awareness and implement measures for efficient water management.

March 22nd, World Water Day

Today, March 22nd, World Water Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of the importance of this essential resource for the well-being of society and ecosystems.

It is not enough to be aware that today we live in a global water crisis, we need also to take action. This initiative encourages society to take measures in their daily lives that contribute to efficient water management.

Individually they are small actions, but all of them, together with a commitment by industry to implement new clean and safe solutions for the environment, will make a big change.

Water crisis

According to official data, barely 0.025% of the water available on earth is potable. Furthermore, 80% of wastewater returns to the ecosystem without being treated or reused.

Therefore, today, 1 in 4 people (2 billion people) worldwide lack safe drinking water and almost half of the world’s population (3.6 billion people) lacks safe sanitation.

According to the latest data, governments need to work on average four times faster to meet SDG 6 on time. This is why it is necessary to accelerate change and take both individual and collective action.

That is why this year’s UN-led campaign is focused on encouraging people to take action in their own lives by changing their water consumption and management habits.

World Water Day Campaign 2023: “Accelerating Change”.

This year, the global campaign is called “Be the change” and uses an old fable to exemplify how we react to a crisis.

The main character is a hummingbird and the fable tells how, when a fire broke out in the forest, most of the animals, after getting to safety, stared at the situation in terror and sadness. However, a hummingbird came and went from the fire again and again. The other animals told her that she alone could not extinguish the fire, to which she replied, “True, but I’m doing my bit”.

What is our contribution? INGEOBRAS –

In Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. we closely follow the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals to align our strategies with the needs of the planet. As well as the values proposed by the circular economy movement.

In INGEOBRAS we are an engineering company that has been providing added value and new solutions in the field of hydraulic engineering for more than 15 years, both nationally and internationally.

In addition, we have our own innovation brand called Specifically, it is an advanced engineering laboratory where we develop innovation and development projects, private commissions and research from the origin to create our own technologies for water treatment and energy generation from wastewater.

At we want to be part of the change the world needs. How do we do it? develops innovative technologies that focus on efficient water management. In addition, we look for alternative solutions to the existing ones to provide greater added value and meet challenges.

Thanks to we can bring global solutions to the market that will change the world.

We are doing our bit, and you, are you joining the change?

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