Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. obtiene el sello RSA 2024

Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. gets the RSA 2024 Seal

We are excited to share that, for the fourth consecutive year, Engineering Works Zaragoza S.L. has been awarded the prestigious RSA Seal 2024 from the Aragon Business Program. This recognition supports our ongoing commitment to socially responsible and sustainable practices.

What is the 2024 RSA Seal ?

The RSA seal, awarded by the Aragon Social Responsibility Plan, is a distinction that recognizes the exceptional commitment of companies to social responsibility. Based on values such as awareness, commitment, training and transparency, this recognition promotes voluntary practices that go beyond legal requirements.The award is granted by the Government of Aragon, through the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (IAF), together with CEOE Aragón, CEPYME Aragón, CCOO Aragón and UGT Aragón.

Having the RSA Seal implies a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, as well as adherence to the United Nations Global Compact.

In the words of Joaquín Murría, CEO of the company:

” Being awarded the RSA Seal for the fourth consecutive year is an achievement that reflects our commitment to social responsibility and positive impact on the community. We will continue to innovate and provide strategic solutions for sustainable development in Aragon”.

Joaquín Murría, CEO of Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L.
RSA 2023 Gala Seal
Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. obtains the RSA 2024 Seal for its continuous commitment to social responsibility in Aragon.
RSA 2023 Gala Seal

Impact of Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. in Aragón:

In March 2020, Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. was recognized as a company of general interest for its socioeconomic impact and contribution to technological innovation. Currently, the company has two different business lines, INGEOBRAS and, both guided by the social commitment and core values of the company.

What is INGEOBRAS and what does it bring to Aragon?

INGEOBRAS, an Aragonese SME founded in 2005, has evolved from a traditional engineering company to a niche engineering firm, specialized in high value-added projects. Its main activities include Water Engineering, Civil Engineering and Special Structures, and Industrial Engineering.

With almost 20 years providing value and the execution of more than 200 projects in 20 countries, INGEOBRAS is fully committed to carrying out high value-added projects in Aragon.

What is and what does it bring to Aragon?

The innovation branch,, has been endorsed by 8 seals of excellence in R&D projects and has established its own Development Center and Laboratory at CEEI-Aragon. There, new technologies for water treatment and energy generation from wastewater are developed and validated. These technologies have a mandatory focus on sustainability and seek their real application in the commercial market.

The innovations achieved and the active participation in the Aragonese Cluster for the Efficient Use of Water (ZINNAE) make a fundamental piece to boost the innovative potential of Aragon to a new level.

Committed to creating responsible business practices, we will continue to offer our highest level to generate value in Aragon. Small actions, big changes!