Hi2BIO in the programme “Let’s talk about water” of Ebro FM – Diario Aragonés

In a radio interview, Patricia Ugarte, PhD in Chemical Engineering and head of R&D at Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L., took part in the programme “Let’s Talk about Water” on Ebro FM on Thursday 25 January 2024.

Let’s talk about water” programme of Ebro FM – Diario Aragonés

This program, which is part of the section “Let’s talk about water” within the morning program “Esto es Aragón” from 10.30 am to 1 pm, is dedicated daily to explore issues related to ecology, nature, rivers and forests of the autonomous community.

Hi2BIO Interview: 25 – January – 2024

The interview, conducted by Pilar Sopesén, focused on the importance of hydrogen in the current economic and ecological situation in Aragon. In addition, Patricia Ugarte presented the innovative Hi2BIO project, whose goal is the production of green hydrogen from wastewater, representing a significant milestone in the transition towards sustainable energy.

In the first part of the interview, the key role of hydrogen as an energy source was discussed. Currently, there are several ways to obtain hydrogen, the most common being electrolysis of water, natural gas or biogas. However, the challenge lies in ensuring that the way it is produced is clean.

Hydrogen must come from renewable sources and have zero CO2 emissions to be considered green hydrogen. The use of this type of hydrogen is essential for the future and key to decarbonisation.

This is where the Hi2BIO project comes in, proposing a new sustainable way of producing hydrogen from industrial wastewater.

Hi2BIO is expected to provide industry with a new technology with a double benefit: green hydrogen for self-consumption or injection into the grid and a more biodegradable wastewater, which could be discharged directly into watercourses or after further treatment could be re-incorporated into various processes, irrigation or other purposes.

This three-year research has been recognised as a strategic project for economic recovery and transformation (PERTE) in sectors considered key for the future. The European Commission funds these projects within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain, through the European recovery funds of the NextGenerationEU programme.

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