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Event | LIFE SPOT Day 2023

On Friday, 27 October 2023, we participated as guest speakers at the LIFE SPOT project conference, which took place in the Caixa Rural Theatre Hall in Nules, Castellón. This event brought together experts in drinking water treatment and leading companies in the sector to explore the latest technologies in biological denitrification, including our own patented and certified technology called Puremust-SN, integrated within BIOBOX Nitrate.

Details of the event

The day started at 09:00h. Finally, it could be adapted to allow both face-to-face and online attendance, facilitating participation.

LIFE SPOT 2023 event summary

During the first part, representatives of the Castellón Provincial Council, the University of Valencia and other entities analysed in detail the chemical composition of the province’s groundwater and addressed the problems associated with agricultural activity in groundwater supply.

This was followed by a presentation of the LIFE SPOT project. The project partners discussed different perspectives and presented the objectives, work carried out, scope and results obtained throughout its implementation.

The day concluded with the presentation of innovative technologies for the treatment of groundwater and drinking water, highlighting projects such as UPWATER, LIFE SOuRCE and the Puremust-SN biological denitrification technology, integrated in BIOBOX Nitrates.

In particular, our presentation was conducted by Joaquín Murría Martín, CEO of INGEOBRAS, and Patricia Ugarte Elhombre, PhD. Chemical Engineer of the R&D Department at INGEOBRAS. Both explained the evolution of the technology from its conception in 2013 to its successful commercialisation through BIOBOX. This technology has a patent and the certification of the independent entity SGS. It has also received approval from European Ministries of Health, including Spain, since 2017.

We also had the opportunity to share some success stories and real applications, highlighting two particular situations. One of them was a project at the Calaf town council, which was executed as planned from the beginning. The other case presented was a challenge that involved overcoming several obstacles throughout the project, highlighting the ability of the technology to adapt to unfavourable situations.

The event ended with a visit to the pilot plant of the LIFE SPOT project.

We thank the event organisers for inviting us to participate and all attendees for their interest in our technology.

We share some pictures of the event:

Joaquín Murría and Patricia Ugarte at LIFE SPOT 2023
Presentation Patricia Ugarte at LIFE SPOT 2023

Presentation Joaquín Murría at LIFE SPOT 2023
Pilot Plant Life Spot 2023

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