The members of the UESAP Cooperation Group, New Techniques in the treatment of slurry in farm and its impact on animal welfare and the environment, have met on April 11, 2019 at the facilities of the Center for Research and Food Technology of Aragon, where it is being carried out by ARENTO, the experimental test to determine the suitability or not, of the effluent as irrigation water for extensive crops.

Hard wheat and pea have been used in this test. The experimental design consists of two species, several doses of fertilization (ranging from suboptimal doses of nitrogen to overdosing) and three repetitions of each. The final determinations will allow to verify if the effluent that emanates from the prototype can be used or not to water the plants.

Once the visit is over, the group members have gathered at the Aula Dei Technological Science Park Foundation to discuss the results obtained in the effluents, and to specify dissemination actions that will be carried out in the final stage of this draft.

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