The digital newspaper “El confidencial” highlights INGEOBRAS as an example of a step towards a green economy.

INGEOBRAS has been chosen as a pioneering company in the development of water treatment technologies that stands out for its fully sustainable business model. It is exactly this point on which the latest article by “El Confidencial” (entitled “From fossils to renewables: four cases of how Spain is turning towards a green economy”) focuses on.

This article shows how, little by little, the Spanish economy is being reconverted. In this case, it is demonstrated by four examples of companies dominated by unsustainable industries that “have chosen to turn the situation around and opt for business models focused on the new economy, the green economy”: INGEOBRAS, Ence , Clanctech y Soltec.

The first success story highlighted is that of INGEOBRAS, a company that develops strategic solutions in the areas of engineering and research. An important part of its activity is focused on the water sector, which, combined with the company’s commitment to innovation, has led it to develop its own technologies for the treatment of water for human consumption and urban and industrial wastewater.

For INGEOBRAS, “words are not enough”. Therefore, thanks to its water treatment technologies, it is taking the lead in adopting measures that will have a real positive impact on climate action worldwide.

INGEOBRAS Research and Development Centre (Zaragoza, Spain)

In addition to INGEOBRAS, the article talks about other success stories such as the Ence company’s facilities in Puertollano (Ciudad Real). A plant that has gone from generating energy based on fossil fuels to using these same facilities to generate renewable energy with biomass that is capable of operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Similarly, he talks about the Sevillian company Clantech, an engineering company that operates throughout the country creating hydrogen filling stations, also called hydrogeneras. In this way they are able to refuel all vehicles that require it in less than 5 minutes.

Last but not least, the company Soltec. It is a company located in the region of Murcia that has developed a business model around photovoltaic energy.

Four companies that operate in very different sectors but are closely linked and united by their guiding contributions to sustainable development on the planet.

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