Creation of containerised biological water treatment plants: INGEOBRAS & FILTRALITE

INGEOBRAS and FILTRALITE (SAINT – GOBAIN), two pioneering companies in the search for innovative solutions for the treatment of wastewater and drinking water, have launched a new line of business based on the creation of biological water treatment plants integrated in a container.

This type of solution is ideal for the end user as it is not necessary to carry out civil works. They are 100% customisable turnkey projects. We are talking about fully automated and connected water treatment plants that integrate the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable technologies currently available on the market.

Thanks to the wide portfolio of technologies developed by INGEOBRAS and the highest quality filtering materials provided by FILTRALITE we are able to adjust the plant. It adapts perfectly to the specific water matrix to be treated for each user with all the operational and performance guarantees.

A plant has recently been sent to the south-east of Ecuador for the removal of nitrogenous pollutants (ammonium), nitrates and phosphorus. The removal is carried out by a biological system developed by INGEOBRAS & FILTRALITE.

This plant has been built in only 6 weeks.

It is a three-stage process:

  • Initial pre-filtration
  • Biological Denitrification
  • Biological Nitrification

Some images of the project:

1. Arrival and location of the container

2. Painting and refurbishment of the container

3. Layout of the plant

4. Mechanical assembly

5. Electrical assembly

6. Functional tests

7. Completely finished plant

8. Transport of the plant

9. Departure to Ecuador