Bioremediation for drinking water treatment: Puremust-sn®

In many cases, when we speak of “bacteria“, it is directly related to “pathogen” followed by “disease”. However, nothing could be further from the truth.Most bacteria are beneficial and only 1% of all bacteria cause disease.

There are bacteria with probiotic activity that provide multiple health benefits when consumed. These bacteria are found naturally in the soil, in the human body or in foodstuffs.

Humans have around 400 different species of bacteria in the digestive tract that enable digestion of food, help protect against disease and provide essential nutrients.

In the same way, a yoghurt has around 100 million bacteria and numerous properties for our body. The same applies to the bacteria used in our Puremust-sn® nitrate removal technology.

«We reproduce a natural process that bacteria carry out to remove pollutants from water, but on a larger scale. Nature is not capable of absorbing the amount of pollutants that are generated daily by human action»

The bacteria feed on what for us is a pollutant, making it a self-sustaining and natural process.

In addition, they are economically accessible solutions for all types of companies. The operating and investment costs are much lower than current solutions offered on the market. The cost per m3 is drastically reduced.

Main advantages of using bacteria in drinking water treatment

  • Controlled natural process
  • All process guarantees
  • Accessible to all types of companies and populations
  • Lower investment cost
  • Lower cost per m3
  • Reduced carbon footprint (-Co2): they do not depend on high energy yields.
  • They do not generate pollutant rejections as the bacteria consume the pollutant or transform it into something harmless.

Why are water bioremediation treatments safe?

  • All bacteria in our products are natural, safe according to regulations and harmless to health (Group 1).
  • We screen bacteria to choose the most selective breeding and improve the performance of the technology.
  • We have been working with it for more than 20 years and know the removal margins, washing processes and correct plant dimensioning perfectly well.
  • For an extra degree of safety and to eliminate external bacteria from entering the water matrix to be treated, ultraviolet barriers have been incorporated at the reactor inlet and outlet.

What control measures are applied?

INGEOBRAS and FILTRALITE are two pioneering companies in the development of innovative bioremediation technologies for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and osmosis rejects.

This combination of synergy and knowledge allows us to obtain a complete vision of the water cycle and offer 360º services. We also have our own Research and Development centre where we offer tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of our customers.

All technologies developed comply with current regulations, are optimised to be technically and economically feasible and are environmentally friendly.