Berrocalejo, again with drinking water after 7 years without it

A few months ago we received a proposal to take on a new challenge: to provide drinking water to a municipality that had lost it for 7 years. The reason, in fact, was two issues:

  • One water well produced slightly brackish water.
  • The other well produced water was contaminated with arsenic and uranium.

The small population did not have the capacity for a complex system, with the need for water conditioning and maintenance.

Initially, the client proposed the challenge of reducing the salinity biologically. INGEOBRAS’ response was clear:

«Let’s do it».

During the months of June and July 2020 we were investigating salinity reduction using chlorides as micronutrients and finally ….. The system worked!!! but not well enough. It required too much volume.

Far from regretting it, we started looking for new solutions since we never give up.

The best option was to remove Arsenic and Uranium in a single step. However, the process was not as easy as it seemed at first glance. After several weeks of researching different materials and combinations of materials we came up with the perfect solution. A few weeks later, the filters were fully equipped and ready for installation in Berrocalejo, in the province of Cáceres, Spain.

At the time of installation, incorrect operation of the upper nozzles during washdowns leads to excessive pressure increases. This causes leaks in the filters, which have to be returned to our Research and Development centre in Zaragoza for repair. During the return trip, the filters suffer an accident…and have to be repaired. After a hydraulic study, the problem was solved and the filters were returned to Berrocalejo.

After two months of good performance and excellent analytical results, a new problem arose:

There was a mechanical problem with the base of the filters that caused the outlet pipe of one of the filters to break….. For this reason, the filters had to be returned to the Ingeobras Development Centre.

As we said before, we were never give up. We took the decision to replace the filters with another model.

This decision was a clear success as they are now working perfectly and the residents of Berrocalejo have drinking water in their homes again after 7 years.

Through this process we have learned several important lessons with this material and how to work with and transport it.

Despite the difficulties we managed to successfully overcome every problem that was put in our way and achieve a success story of which we are extremely proud.