Anaergy Ingeobras

ANAERGY is a disruptive technology funded by the EU’s SMEi Phase2 programme for the efficient treatment of water discharges in the small and medium sized agri-food industry. The solution removes 95% of the COD in the wastewater, minimising the area required and the consumption of energy and chemicals. This reduces the associated operating and maintenance costs. ANAERGY is a modular and customised technology that integrates different processes throughout the system, being fully adaptable to customer requirements.



Five milestones have been established to ensure the successful development of ANAERGY. Of these five milestones, three have been fully completed and the project is progressing progressively.

These milestones range from the complete development of INGEOBRAS’ own technology based on anaerobic digestion to the industrialisation and commercialisation of ANAERGY.

 Improved design of the anaerobic digester

  • 100% Completed

Standardisation of integration modules

  • 100% completed

Making a test bench

  • 76% completed

Consistent industrial chain

  • 100% completed

Establishment of a commercial department

  • 83% completed


Results of COD removal with advanced oxidation

Advanced oxidation techniques have been used in order to reduce the concentration of polluting organic matter present in waste water mainly from the agri-food industry. As a consequence of the multiple processes of optimisation and assessment of our technology, we have achieved a yield of 72% in 4 hours of treatment and 88% in 6 hours of COD elimination.

Biogas generation results

Thanks to this technology it is possible to produce 1.73 litres of high purity biogas for every litre of water treated with 5100 ppm COD.

* 87.37% methane (CH4).

* 7.31% carbon dioxide (CO2)

* 4.86% nitrogen (N2)

* 0.45% oxygen (O2)

This is a great advantage as the generation of high purity biogas reduces operating and treatment costs of the gas generated, which can be directly commercialised.

COD removal results with biological filters

The technology has been developed and optimised to achieve high COD consumption rates with very short hydraulic retention times compared to the technologies traditionally used.

Thanks to Anaergy, the time required to achieve these results can be extended from days to hours, reaching levels of performance of between 80 and 90% in a period of 24 – 30 hours compared to 16 – 25 days for traditional technologies.


After demonstrating the technology in different environments and at different scales, the technology has reached a level of technological maturity of TRL7.

In recent months, milestones 1, 2 and 4 have been 100% completed.


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