Anaergy Ingeobras

ANAERGY is a disruptive technology, financed by the EU SMEi Phase2 programme, for efficiently treating water discharges in the small and medium-sized food industry. The solution removes the 99% of the COD in wastewaters, minimizing the area required, and the energy and chemical consumption, resulting in a reduction of O&M costs. ANAERGY is a modular and tailor-made technology that integrates different processes in the whole system, being fully adaptable to the customer requirements.


Five milestones have been established in order to ensure the successful development of ANAERGY. These milestones gather from the full development of INGEOBRAS’ own technology based on anaerobic digestion, to ANAERGY’s industrialization and commercialization.

Upgraded design of the anaerobic digester

  • 100% Completado

Standardization of integration modules

  • 100% completado

Manufacture a test bench

  • 59% completado

Consistent industrial chain

  • 94% completado

Establishment of a commercial department

  • 71% completado


INGEOBRAS has developed and demonstrated an innovative technology for the treatment of industrial waste water. It is the first time that a modular system that is capable of integrating aerobic, anaerobic and advanced oxidation technology has been designed. It admits different combinations according to the needs, so that a high rate of organic matter removal (-BOD) (-COD) is achieved at a very low cost.


ANAERGY technology provides both the user and the environment with multiple benefits, among which we highlight:

  • The residence time is lower than traditional solutions, from days to hours, so the size is smaller and the investment is lower. In addition, being smaller means that the operating temperature is maintained and heat loss is avoided, which saves operational costs.
  • It is a robust system but at the same time easy to install thanks to its modularity. This allows savings in installation and assembly costs of up to 50%.
  • As it is a modular system, it can be configured and customized to meet the needs of each user, it is totally flexible.
  • It is capable of producing biogas that can be used for self-supply and as a renewable energy source.
  • Water treated with ANAERGY can be returned to the environment without further treatment thanks to its high rate of contaminant removal. Because of its modularity, our technology can eliminate from high amounts of nitrogen in its different forms to high organic loads generating biogas. This means great savings in space and operating costs.
  • It is the first time that an advanced aerobic, anaerobic and oxidation technology is integrated. At the moment there are no other alternative solutions on the market like ANAERGY.
  • The technology is optimized to the maximum in order to reduce the associated operating and investment costs.


After carrying out the technology demonstration in different environments and at different scales, the technology has reached a level of technological maturity of TRL7.

In the last few months, the milestones 1 and 2 have been 100% completed and currently, the INGEOBRAS team is fully focused on optimizing the technology and creating a test bench, which is a fundamental part of ANAERGY’s innovation and commercial strategy.


Elaboración de un prototipo demostrativo

After the completion of the test bench, demonstration systems will be carried out and the first steps in the commercial application of ANAERGY will be taken.


Anaergy prototipo

Small-scale prototype Anaergy line 2

ANAERGY laboratory tests

Planta piloto de la tecnología anaergy

Test bench