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INGEOBRAS patents a new technology to remove nitrates from water – Heraldo de Aragón –

Ingeobras has patented an innovative biofiltration technology called Puremust-SN®. This innovative technology transforms nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas which, in turn, is evacuated into the atmosphere.

The system does not generate waste for the environment, and also has the advantage of low electricity consumption. This allows the use of alternative energy sources as it only needs between 5 and 15% water for washing. It is a volume that can either be reused or discharged directly into the sewage system. In addition, its implementation does not require a large space.

Thanks to this breakthrough, Heraldo de Aragón dedicated an article in their Innovation section

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“An Aragonese company develops a pioneering system for eliminating nitrates from water

Ingeobras has patented a novel biofiltration technology that transforms this compound into nitrogen, which in turn is evacuated into the atmosphere.

The figures not only highlight the seriousness of the problem, but also warn of the need to seek solutions. One of them bears the Aragonese stamp. The Zaragoza-based company Ingeobras has developed (and patented at European level) an innovative denitrification system that is already remedying the problems of nitrates in water. It uses an innovative biofiltration technology that eliminates between 90 and 95 % of these salts by transforming them into nitrogen, which is then released into the atmosphere. “The Puremust system does not generate waste for the environment”, explains Joaquín Murría, manager of Ingeobras, who also points out the advantages of low electricity consumption, “which allows the use of alternative energy sources”, it hardly needs between 15 and 5% of water for washing, a volume that can be reused or discharged directly into the sewage system. Moreover, its implementation does not require a large amount of space.

“One of the big problems with nitrates in Spain is that nobody controls groundwater,” says Murría, who explains that his innovative plant, which was selected by the European Commission from more than 3,500 projects, has already been implemented especially in Catalonia and Aragon, where the problem of excess nitrates is particularly serious due to the large number of pig farms. In the Aragonese region, the first of these systems has been installed in the Teruel town of Formiche.

“In Spain there are several vulnerable areas and every year it advances and changes due to rainfall, the modification of irrigation systems or soil conditions,” insists Murría, who reiterates that the causes of this situation are the use of nitrogenous slurry and fertiliser. “Often fertiliser is spread a hundred kilometres away, but through aquifers it can reach a population dozens of kilometres away,” he stresses.

More efficient and economical

Ingeobras, a company with consolidated experience in the hydraulic engineering sector that has developed and executed various projects in Spain, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Haiti, Guinea and Senegal, explains that there are currently two methods for water purification. One of them is “by osmosis”, but this “is only effective for very small towns (with no more than 200 inhabitants) and is a costly technology, as only 60% of the polluted water is treated, while the rest goes to the treatment plant if there is one”. And if there is no such plant, it is discharged into the nearest river, according to the company. In addition to this technology, the denitrification technology, “now patented”, is very efficient and economical in large centres and also treats 100% of the water”. Chus García – Herlado de Aragón.