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Ingeniería de Agua - Ingeobras

Water Engineering

Ingeniería civil - Ingeobras

Civil Engineering

Ingeniería de Industrial - Ingeobras

Industrial Engineering

From concept
to detail

At Ingeobras we do integral engineering beyond bibliography

We specialise and operate in the complete water cycle, from the general concept and design to the detailed engineering of water systems and infrastructures.

We calculate, measure and plan projects ranging from land surveys and earthworks to structures for public, industrial or residential use.

We design the infrastructures, systems and equipment required by the industry to achieve optimal production and monitoring based on continuous support.



We investigate from the origin of the problem to provide solutions that add value.



We work on the basis of science: the origin of engineering, and on the experience to bring ideas to life.



Flexible and efficient in order to adapt to our clients at every stage of the project.

Innovation as
part of our DNA

Inngen.io is our open and advanced innovation lab
Inngen.io brings together the interests of companies, institutions and researchers to develop ideas that were not possible until now. Discover our innovation lab.
Our innovation lab researches, tests and validates projects that solve specific and global challenges. Discover our innovation lab.
Ideas successfully developed at Inngen.io are brought to market as proprietary products, services or technologies. Discover all our ingenuities.

Permanent support

Some of the global companies and institutions that trust our approach to engineering
Facsa Simtech Naciones Unidas Grupo Elecnor Agro Dairy

Always available

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